You can now pay with Bitcoins on

Host1 has now started to accept Bitcoins as a payment-option. All of our clients will now have the option to pay through «Bit-pay» when paying invoices. If you choose to pay with Bit-pay the amount on the invoice will still be shown in NOK, but will be paid with Bitcoin through Bit-pay.

When you choose to pay with Bit-pay you will be sent to a external site (Bit-pay) where you will receive a unique bitcoin-address which can be used to pay the invoice.

Example of a transaction through Bit-pay:


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  1. Gitle M sier:

    Tommel opp!

  2. RenSylvain sier:

    Feel free to post your location on even if it’s an online location! Or if you know any brick and mortar locations!

  3. Malorie sier:

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