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Payments via bitcoin a huge success!

tirsdag, april 1st, 2014


The 3rd of October 2013 Host1 started accepting payments in Bitcoin via Bitpay.
This allows us to securely accept Bitcoin and automatically have it converted to EUR which is paid out to our bank account.
Since then we have seen a steady stream of orders being paid entirely via Bitcoin. This was a experiment to see if there was any interest amongst our clients in paying for their hosting needs in Bitcoin.
So far in 2014 we have seen a huge increase in the total amount paid with Bitcoin, the total is now already over 6 figures this year.

The combination of hosting based in Norway (with fairly good privacy laws) and the possibility to pay with Bitcoin seems to be a good one, and we are looking forward to welcoming even more clients from all over the world who wish to take advantage of our services, high level of privacy and the possibility to pay in Bitcoin.