Information about data seizure. wishes to inform that we have provided customer data from one client to the norwegian KRIPOS due to a court order from the norwegian courts (Tingretten). We have gotten approval from the court to inform our customers about this, and wishes to inform about our procedures for giving police/Kripos/government access to our customer data (after this only called government).

Host1 focuses on privacy for our clients, and that our customers data always should be protected. We will always ask for a court order when we get a request for a data seizure from the government. In this case we used our lawyers as advisors to make sure we did everything correct to protect our customers data. Data was only made accessible to the government after a valid court order was in place. The data that was seized did only belong to the one client the request targeted.

We would also like to inform that if we deem the request for seizure of data to not be legitimate we will take the case to the norwegian supreme court if necessary.

We now have a written confirmation from the Norwegian courts that is not affected by the Norwegian ekomloven. And we will therefore never provide any data about our customers to government organizations without a valid court order from the Norwegian courts.

If anyone has any questions regarding this you can contact Support.

Norwegian version: Informasjon om utlevering av kundedata.

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